Company Overview

MyBizSoft is an information technology (IT) consulting company founded on the belief that improving technology improves business - and saves our clients thousands of dollars in the process. 

We specialize in customer-centric enterprise solutions that help clients succeed in discovering, understanding, and retaining their customers. Our consultants offer a wide range of professional services in both business automation and technical innovation that strategically streamline our customer required processes.

Our Culture

The most important aspect of the people at MyBizSoft is that we focus on building relationships and producing results. This is achieved through versatility and the implementation of integrated teams. Not to mention our proven and accredited expertise which provides the industry knowledge necessary to guide the clients and empower them to make the best decisions. Our people are dynamic and have a wide breadth of vision.

As a service company, MyBizSoft understands that the most important assets are our employees. MyBizSoft values each employee as an individual with personal needs and provides flexibility and understanding within the workplace. It is our company culture to provide our employees with the freedom to develop creative, innovative, and efficient solutions to complex environmental situations. This freedom stems from an enthusiastic and experienced network of employees who are willing to provide support, guidance, and constructive criticism to produce quality results.

Our Focus

The global economy is continuously putting pressure on the IT industry to come up with a barrage of products and solutions to meet the multitude of demands. That is why MyBizSoft is dedicated to providing our clients with innovation through expertise in the service industry, industry knowledge and insight into and access to emerging technologies. This blanketed approach allows us to raise the bar for every part of our clients business by streamlining business processes, reducing overhead, and enhancing ROI. We help our clients identify and correct anomalies and inefficiencies through our method of business re-engineering and by focusing on their technical design.

Our People

Before the start of every project, we carefully select the RIGHT consultant candidates for our customers to interview. Only when our customers are satisfied with their selections will the projects be formally kicked off. This is our mission and is the most important mission, to build a team of consultants whom our customers can truly depend on when it comes to implementing their critical IT solutions.

Our Philosophy

We pride ourselves on investing the time it takes to understand your business and help define your technology requirements before any technology consulting begins. Once we familiarize ourselves with your company's strengths, business challenges, and competitive opportunities, we can deliver exactly the technology solutions you need, carefully tailored to your short and long-term goals and entirely scalable to business change. At the end, you should proudly feel, it's My Business Software (MyBizSoft).

We believe:

  • Technology should be reliable - every day, all day long.
  • Your investment in technology should provide a fast, quantifiable return.
  • Detailed planning anticipates the unexpected and ensures success.
  • Every company is unique and every solution should map to a specific business need.
  • Every solution should be developed within a flexible framework, easily adaptable to future growth (rather than starting over with each significant business change).